How to: Cheap & Simple Seamless Background

You’ve probably seen the cool product photographs that are in a constant colour surrounding. Usually you would do this in a studio to get things perfect, but turns out you don’t need to if you are willing to settle for little less than perfect.

With the age of the internet, there is a lot of selling and buying of your stuff online requiring pictures of your product. With so many items out there, why not make yours at least look good by putting your product in an attractive setting. You will be amazed at how well people respond to ads with clear photographs that are good to look at than those with your product in a cluttered distracting environment.

If you’re not bothered about product selling, then there might be a little showpiece you’d like to photograph for memories sake, or a trophy or medal your kid won. Whatever the purpose may be, a studio type product photograph can be very simple and done at home.

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