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What is typography?

What is typography? A nice lesson by the Vancouver film school


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45 Tempting Package Designs – Decorate your lives!!

Have you ever bought something just because of its package? Lots of people do this all the time and that is the reason that they run out of money and come back home buying irrelevant things.

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Showcase n°5

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Spotlight: Tyr – semiotic.tv

what’s onsemiotic.tv?
the channel inside your head

semiotic architecture is both the subject matter & the investigation/research platform for my art work & life …
2 B honest, it’s the subject matter & platform 4 your life 2, but that’s going 2 lead me a bit 2 far 4 here.

the art work R all movie stills from the reflexive meta-channel.

The full story on www.semiotic.tv

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