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Inspiration: Graphic Design Museum

The Graphic Design Museum is the first museum in the world for graphic design. The museum is in the centre of Breda and exhibits the broad and dynamic area of graphic design.
The Graphic Design Museum places current graphic design in an historical and cultural context, open to the world and technology. It represents all forms of media, from printed material to interactive web design.

Graphic design has been around for about 100 years and has built up a rich tradition in the Netherlands with internationally renowned designers. In the twentieth century, graphic design was a fairly prescribed area with a small group of professional practitioners such as Piet Zwart, Willem Sandberg, Wim Crouwel and Anthon Beeke. The Graphic Design Museum offers an international podium for established designers and is, in addition, a platform for new top talent.

Children can become designers in the museum and publish with various forms, colours, materials, signs and pictograms. Adults and young people get deeper insight into the past and present of the image culture and are brought up to date with the newest developments in visual communication.

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