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Macro Photography: 40 Inspiring Examples

Macro photography, the art of taking close-up photos, can produce incredible results that show us the world in a different way than we normally see it through our own eyes. The details in macro photos can be stunning, as you will see below.

In this post we’ll showcase 40 different examples of macro photography from a variety of photographers. If you see something that you would like to view in full size, please click the image or the credit link to be taken to the source.

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70 Beautiful Examples Of Depth Of Field Photography

Depth of field means the sharp area surrounding the point of focus. This depend upon three things aperture setting, focal length and distance between the camera and the subject. In this collection we have compiled some amazing and professional examples of depth of field photos along with few tips.

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Tutorial: Useful tips for shooting in low-light situations

Since photography means to “write with light”, it is at one of its most challenging moments when you are shooting in low-light conditions (this could also mean the practical absence of light). Many a photographer has made his or her name from taking images at night. And as a practitioner of the art & craft you’ll want to experiment with night and low-light photography. Much like shooting in snowy conditions, you have to pay extra attention to your exposure when shooting at night. Those pockets of darkness will be much more evocative if there is a hint of shadow detail hiding in there, as opposed to uniform chunks of black.

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